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The adjustable opening —or f-stop— of a lens, which determines how much light passes through the lens on its way to the film plane, or nowadays, to the surface of the camera's imaging ...

Domain: Photography; Category: Lenses

Background lighting is a controlled technique of lighting, used in photography or the theater, in which a light is placed behind or at right angles to an object, person, or scene to produce such ...

Domain: Photography; Category: Photography techniques

the part of a scene or picture that is farthest from the viewer : the part of a scene that is behind a main figure or object in a painting, photograph, etc. In photography the background is the part ...

Domain: Photography; Category: Photography techniques

It is a secondary lens used to enable macro photography without requiring a specialized primary lens. A close-up filter is a lens that attaches onto the end of a camera lens via a screw thread. ...

Domain: Photography; Category: Photography accessories Collected Term

Compositional frames are frames combining pictures from different sources into a single image. A photo frame is the entire rectangle that contains a scene. Within it it may create an additional ...

Domain: Photography; Category: Images Collected Term

Having a deep depth of field is to have a large amount of the image in focus. When the aperture is small (ex. f/16), the image has a deep or large depth of field. This means that the focus range ...

Domain: Photography; Category: Photography techniques

The distance between the closest and furthest points in an image that are in ‘acceptable focus’. In every picture there is a certain area of your image in front of, and behind the subject that ...

Domain: Photography; Category: Photography techniques

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