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Pick's disease is a rare neurodegenerative disease that causes progressive destruction of nerve cells in the brain. Symptoms include dementia and loss of speech (aphasia). While some of the symptoms can initially be alleviated, the disease progresses and patients often die within two to ten years. A defining characteristic of the disease is build-up of tau proteins in neurons, accumulating into silver-staining, spherical aggregations known as "Pick bodies".

Domain: Health care; Category: Diseases

挑選 ' s 病是罕見的神經退行性疾病,在大腦中會導致漸進性破壞的神經細胞。症狀包括老年癡呆症和演講 (失語) 的損失。 雖然最初可緩解某些症狀,病變的進展,病人往往死在兩至十年之內。這種疾病的定義特徵是 tau 蛋白在神經元,積累到銀染色、 球形的聚合稱為"撿屍體"的積累。

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Tay–Sachs disease (also known as GM2 gangliosidosis or hexosaminidase A deficiency ) is a rare autosomal recessive genetic disorder. In its most common variant (known as infantile Tay–Sachs disease), it causes a progressive deterioration of nerve cells and of mental and physical abilities that begins around six months of age and usually results in death by the age of four. The disease occurs when harmful quantities of cell membrane components known as gangliosides accumulate in the brain's nerve cells, eventually leading to the premature death of the cells. A ganglioside is a form of sphingolipid, which makes Tay–Sachs disease a member of the sphingolipidoses. There is no known cure or treatment.

Domain: Health care; Category: Diseases

泰-薩克斯病 (也稱為 GM2 本文或氨基己糖苷酶 A 缺乏) 是一種罕見的常染色體隱性遺傳疾病。在它最常見的變形 (稱為小兒泰 — — 薩克斯疾病),它導致逐步惡化的神經細胞和的精神和身體能力剛開始約六個月的年齡,通常會導致死亡由四歲。 疾病時發生有害數量的細胞膜的成分稱為神經節苷脂在大腦中積累 ' s 個神經元細胞,最終導致過早死亡的細胞。神經節苷脂是鞘脂,使泰 — — 薩克斯疾病的 sphingolipidoses 成員的一種形式。沒有已知的治療,也沒有治療。

Domain: Health care; Category: Diseases

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