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in order to understand Northeast Asia, I urge that it is necessary to understand the background and the history of the Northeast Asia which cause conflict and dispute.

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The origin of Yasukuni Shrine is Shokonsha established at Kudan in Tokyo in the second year of the Meiji era (1869) by the will of the Emperor Meiji. In 1879, it was renamed Yasukuni Shrine. As ...

Domain: Military; Politics; Category: World War II; International politics

On December 9, the Japanese troops launched a massive attack upon the city. On the 12th, the defending Chinese troops decided to retreat to the other side of the Yangtze River. On December 13, ...

Domain: Military; Category: World War II

The dispute has been arouse since Japan claims the Dokdo/ Takeshima island is belong to Japanese territory underlying its own partial evidences from history. Once the dispute was controversial when ...

Domain: History; Politics; Category: World history; International politics

This is one of the major disputes that worsen the Sino-Japan relations by claiming that Diaoyu Island (Chinese) and Senkaku Island (Japannese) is under their territorial sovereignty. In the late ...

Domain: Politics; Category: International politics

"Japanese military comfort women" refer to women who were forced into sexual slavery for the Japanese military in "comfort stations" established under the pretext of conducting the war efficiently ...

Domain: History; Category: World history

Unit 731 (731部隊 Nana-san-ichi butai, Chinese: 731部队) was a covert biological and chemical warfare R&D unit of the Imperial Japanese Army that undertook lethal human experimentation ( vivisection, ...

Domain: Military; Category: World War II; General military

Internationally known as Socotra Rock, 이어도(Ieodo, Korean) and苏岩礁(suyanjiao, Chinese)is not seen as a territorial dispute but one over Exclusive Economic Zones(EEZs). Interest in the sea picked up in ...

Domain: Geography; Category: Countries & Territories

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