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It is not easy to call a taxi in Beijing especially during peak hours. Nobody wants to wait for a cab outside in rain or chilling wind for 20 minutes. It's time to pick up your smartphone to call a taxi.

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Didi-Dache is a Chinese taxi-hailing smartphone application. The application shows the real-time locations of taxis on a map using the GPS technology and enables users to find a taxi though their ...

Domain: Tourism & hospitality; Category: Travel services

Kuaidi Group, as the most technologically integrated and largest car service company in the world, is rapidly transforming the concept of moving people – starting in China. The app combines ...

Domain: Tourism & hospitality; Category: Travel services

Uber is an app-based transportation network and taxi company headquartered in San Francisco, California, which operates in cities in many countries. The company uses a smartphone application to ...

Domain: Transportation; Category: Car rental

Getting a taxi in Beijing can be almost impossible sometimes, even with taxi hailing apps like Didi Dache or Kuaidi Dache. The basic problem is that there are not enough taxis on the streets because ...

Domain: Tourism & hospitality; Category: Travel services

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Very interesting! Thanks for share this information

02:12, 3 February 2015
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